Company Overview

LOTUS is comprised of a team of project managers (PMP), certified Home Stagers (USC™) with experience in construction, renovations and home staging.

With a passion for enhancing your real estate look LOTUS is able to manage the entire project from start to finish in order to meet your budget, timelines and expectations. 

LOTUS is your one stop shop to assist you with enhancing your property for resale catering to different demographics, or to upgrade an existing home or customise a newly purchased property to make it your own.

How it Started

Our business began in 2015. Passion for working with people, interior design and home decor continue to be the prime motivation on which LOTUS was founded.

Being Project Managers, LOTUS has been able to implement existing skills and offer clients an increasing range of services to complete their cycle of needs.

Collaborating with various specialists and contractors provides LOTUS with an extensive array of reliable repair, renovation experts, movers, and more.

A year into the business and based on personal experiences, LOTUS added downsizing services for helping seniors and their families during the entire transition period.

Mission Statement

Demonstrating knowledge and experience, we provide our clients with quality turnkey services to accommodate each family’s specific and personal requirements.


Count on LOTUS to assess what is needed, and to provide relevant recommendations. We will meet and exceed your expectations in order to be your go-to company when it comes to home-related needs as well as for seniors downsizing and transition solutions.


As your single point of contact, we will complete your project in relation to maintaining quality, timelines, and staying on budget.

Should you have questions

Contact Us (416) 830-3538